December 14, 2018

The sixth-graders read Israel Horovitz's stage adaptation of Dickens's A Christmas Carol. They then adapted popular Christmas carols to reflect Scrooge's attitude before his transformation. 

Also in grade six literature, students took what they learned by studying Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey and aligned it with a popular film of their choice. Check out a sampling of some hero's journey projects below.

Click this link to see Rachel's Frozen Project

Here in grade 5, we have so enjoyed receiving postcards from all of you who have sent them from around the country. As promised, we have written replies to those who included a return addressso check your mailboxes!  In the process, the students learned how to properly address an envelope and fold a letter.

The fifth grade wrapped up Unit 1 in religion class with a review game we call study ball.

Thomas aims for the maximum point value at the far shooting line.
Zayda makes it for 30 points!

The fifth-graders settle into a …

December 7, 2018

As their gift to you, the fifth-graders have prepared Advent prayer podcasts.  Each group chose a reading from each Sunday in Advent to ponder. They wrote reflections, rehearsed their parts, and with the help of Mrs. Zwilling in the STEAM Lab, they recorded, edited, and added music tracks.  They invite you to pray with them for the remainder of Advent, using these audio tracks as a guide.

Podcast for the Second Sunday of Advent: December 9, 2018

Podcast for the Third Sunday of Advent: December 16, 2018

Podcast for the Fourth Sunday of Advent: December 23, 2018

In reading class, grade 5 students read Barbara Robinson's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. During and after reading, they responded to the book in various ways and recorded their responses in online books they developed in Adobe Book Creator.  Check out some of their books by following the links below.

Read Sean's book here.Read Charlotte's book here.

Read Tom's book here.Read Zayda's book here.

Read Sophia&#…

November 30, 2018

As we are finishing our study of the United States and Canada, the fifth grade students planned road trips across the region with an online tool called MyMaps.  Students researched the weather patterns, local history, and regional culture of their chosen destinations and wrote journal entries about their virtual travels.  We invite you to travel North America with us! Just click on the square in the right-hand corner of each map.

Go trout fishing with Grant at Missouri's Roaring River State Park.

Camp out with Zayda and grill some fresh corn from the cornfields of North Dakota.

Tour the white house with Garrett.

See the northern lights with Charlotte in Juneau, Alaska.

Stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Sean.

Travel with Molly to the beautiful mountains of Springville, Utah.

See alligators up close with Andrew in the Florida Everglades.

Go whitewater rafting with Sophia in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Join Thomas on an epic road trip of 15 destinations!

November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

The fifth graders practiced varying their sentence beginnings with Thanksgiving-themed sentences.

Begin with an adverb:
Piggishly, Lukas ate the pumpkin pie. Happily, I thought about the memories of all of the Thanksgivings my family and I have hosted. Anxiously, we carried the heavy turkey to the table. Slowly, my parents are warming up the turkey in the oven.

Begin with a prepositional phrase:
In the kitchen, I smelled the warm, hearty mashed potatoes my dad makes every year. Around the table, the gravy train moved. After spotting the dinner, the pilgrims snuck up on the turkeys. In the muddy grass, we played a traditional Thanksgiving game.

Begin with a participial phrase:
Gathering together, we gave thanks. Setting down his fork, Lukas announced that he was full. Shushing the others, the pilgrims snuck up on the turkeys.

Use an

November 16, 2018

As part of their saint project, the fifth grade students composed original prayers to their saints and created their own prayer cards. Saint Kateri Tekawitha,  You were brave, holy, and faithful.   You hid scars on your skin and face.   You prayed to God during tough times. Help us to show our scars and pray during tough times. Pray for us. Amen.
 Dear St. Teresa of Avila, You showed bravery and your love for God when you wanted to make a new community  dedicated to God and prayer. You showed your love for God.

St. Albertus Magnus, You were giving. Help us to be giving like you did. Make us unselfish. Cleanse us from our sins that we have from being selfish. Amen.

 Saint Andrew Kim Taegon, you are the Korean savior. You helped Koreans  express their Christianity at hard times. We thank you. Help us to stand up for Christianity. We think of you and ask you to pray for us. Amen.

Dear St. Philomena, teach us how to be brave  and have courage like you did. You are strong, brave, and true…

November 8, 2018

Six of our fifth-graders played intramural volleyball this year. And the rest of us made great fans! The season culminated in today's student-faculty volleyball game. The teachers won, but everyone put forth a great effort and showed their school spirit. This week, grade 5 students took inspiration from the Holy Child Academy Pledge they recite each morning and combined it with what they learned about prepositional phrases to compose these poems.
Inside of school, Beyond school, Without any resistance, Among young ones, Near elders, During Mass, Inside of home, Throughout the day, Towards the dark night, After school,
I will treat others with kindness, compassion, and understanding.
By: Zayda
Inside school, In my family, Against temptation, Beyond being evil,

November 2, 2018

Happy Halloween and All Saints' Day!  Check out some of this week's middle school fun!
Charlotte and Sophia
Dalmatian Molly
 The fifth-grade boys  Some of the sixth-grade
 The fifth-grade girls